2020 Nationals Survey

The time has come to decide on a 2020 Nationals venue so the NCSSA board is seeking the fleet’s input before we make a decision. Please take the 5 minutes to do this survey as it will provide us with invaluable insight (please select link below).

2020 Nationals Survey

We have bids from 4 outstanding clubs: Okauchee, Geneva, Minnetonka, and Muskegon, MI. I’ve outlined the notable points from the 4 bids. Recognizing that many of us are not as familiar with Muskegon as the other 3, that outline is a little longer. It’s our belief that any of these clubs would do an incredible job if they were selected.
In the past, the NCSSA has sought to alternate between Wisconsin and non-Wisconsin venues to ensure the strength of C fleets nationwide. As we will have had 2 consecutive Nationals on Wisconsin lakes after Pewaukee in 2019, 2020 is a year that traditionally would be held outside of Wisconsin. We hope you will consider the philosophy that sustaining the C fleet nationally means traveling outside of our regular regatta circles. We have not been to an Eastern venue since Maxinkuckee in 2011, so we urge you to consider supporting our friends east of Lake Michigan. We will seriously consider all of the feedback we receive before making a decision about the 2020 venue.
Also, if you are attending the ILYA Championships this year, you will see some questions about the schedule of make-up races. Please take the time to answer those questions along with your 2020 preferences.
This survey will be open through Wednesday, August 8th, so please give us your feedback promptly.

Okauchee Lake Yacht Club
-$150 registration includes new lunches and dinner
-Recently finished construction of a new deck/patio that can support over 300 people
-Full kitchen and newly renovated grilling area
-Boats will be moored in a protected bay

Lake Geneva Yacht Club
-$170 early registration, $200 regular. Includes lunches. Dinner not currently included but they are working on a sponsor
-Dry sailing
-Free post-race beer/cocktail

Minnetonka Yacht Club
-$225 early registration, $250-$275 regular. Includes lunches AND BOOZE for 2
-Fleet has grown to 9 c-boats and still going
-Extensive free housing for off-lake sailors, 0 requests were turned down in 2012
-Boats will be moored in protected bay

Muskegon Yacht Club
-$100 -$200 multi-tier registration based on early-bird vs late registrations.
-The lake is 3 miles by 9 miles
-4.5 hour drive from Milwaukee, 3.5 by ferry which drops you off in Muskegon
-Club has full bar and restaurant as well as lakeside swimming pool
-Full time staff including chef
-Dry sailing (hosted 140 boats at WMYA)
-Muskegon is a popular vacation spot, so there are plenty of AirBnB options both on and off the lake, as well as many hotels in the area
-Supported by nearby Spring Lake (12 boats), Crystal Lake (newly formed C Fleet), Lake Fenton, and Maxinkuckee.

Thank you for your feedback!
Andrew Bohl, NCSSA President
John Porter, ILYA C Fleet Representative

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