John Porter wins C Invite

I have never been so exhausted from doing nothing! I think I speak for all in saying “BRAVO” Cedar Lake, IN yacht club! Too many people to thank for this “no air regatta” We were fortunate to get two races in on Fri but the lake grew still for the perfect party conditions on Sat and Sun. The food was OUTSTANDING only to be topped by the band on friday night when the gorgeous new deck was broken in by almost every sailor in attendance bopping around. Saturday evening was to be the total highlight of the regatta as the symphony played scores from disney movies to the classic “star wars” theme. They really pulled out all the stops when the barge lit up the sky with fireworks display that out-performed any i saw on the 4th. The comradery was unbridled. Only at an ILYA event can one bond with everyone 6-99yrs old. Friends become best friends like no time has passed between them. New souls were brought to the plate and were welcomed and christened into our sailing family. Memories were made, hashtags were created, sailing was attempted but best of all was the timeless bonding among sailors. Thanks again to the host families, Cedar Lake Yacht Club, the RC, the tireless volunteers and all the SAILORS in attendance. Stay tuned for highlights from the great Petey Crawford and “Penalty Box Productions” for incriminating evidence! Below is a link to the interviews of the race winners of the event, Paul Reilly (A-14) and Danny Madden (LL-0).


Place Sail No Skipper Crew R1 R2 Tot
1 B-317 John Porter Pat Welscher 2 5 7
2 LL-0 Danny Madden Rachel Beers 7 1 8
3 A- 14 Paul Reilly Matt Pistay 1 10 11
4 T- 17 Joe Schaub Liz Bernstein 3 11 14
5 B- 18 Brian Brickler Ben Porter 9 6 15T
6 B- 15 Mark Misch Brad Roble 6 9 15T
7 E- 55 Scott Tarmann John Schmidt 8 8 16
8 E- 8 Alex Kay Katie Bruder 14 3 17T
9 OO- 23 Kyle Stack Brittan Keck 13 4 17T
10 B- 22 Glenn McMurray Andrea Lee 16 2 18
11 LL- 18 Billy Madden Mike Madden 5 14 19T
12 B-303 Frank Davenport Ron Jarecki 12 7 19T
13 LF- 88 Tom Keenan Tina Keenan 4 16 20
14 CL- 2 Scott Campbell 10 12 22
15 V- 42 Matt Parker Alex DeGuirre 11 17 28T
16 LD- 9 David Staub Dale McDonald 15 13 28T
17 B- 23 Andrew Bohl Annie Haeger 18 15 33
18 00- 88 Barbie Keck Susan Slivka 17 19 36
19 LS- 6 Bob Green Cristian Radu 19 18 37


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